XBLUE IP7g Enterprise-Grade Gigabit IP Phone with Separate Main & User Programmable Color Displays

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The IP7g is an enterprise-grade IP phone that seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of VoIP cloud and onsite phone systems including Broadsoft, Asterisk and XBLUE QB series VoIP Platforms. The IP7g is a Dual Display IP Phone with Color LCD Screens for both Call Information & User Status. The Main Display shows call details, call logs and other active call related information. The Main Display has 4 dynamic buttons that change function based on call status making it very easy and efficient to select functions that are relevant during call progress. The 4 Main Display buttons are customizable for your particular needs. The User Programmable Display has 6 Buttons with Multi-Color LEDs that show the status of up to 30 system users. The buttons are arranged in 5 quick access pages that are selectable with one touch of the page selector button located below the display. These buttons can also be used for access to system features or speed dialing. The phone’s Dual Port Gigabit Data Switch optimizes workstation cabling without compromising network speed. The IP7g is fully Power Over Ethernet (POE) compatible. Options Plug-In AC Power Supply also available. Each IP7g also comes with an Ethernet cable and an adjustable stand that enables multiple viewing angles and wall mounting. The IP7g supports up to 4 SIP Lines / Account Registrations and is provisionable for use with both Cloud and Onsite VoIP Systems such as Broadsoft, Asterisk and many other SIP VoIP platforms. Security supported with SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) and other security and encryption methods.



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