Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro Rapid Trigger 12MP Game Camera, 2 Pack + SD Cards

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If you’re looking to capture high-quality game shots on the hunt, then look no further than the Wildgame Innovations KP12I8B-7 Cloak Pro 12 Game Camera. Nothing sucks more than hunting at night and not be able to get quality photos. This hunting camera eliminates that problem by being able to flash a black LED infrared flash that won’t scare your game. With its ability to flash out to 65 feet, you can be sure that you have a solid radius to capture quality photos. This camera is quick too! With its 1-second rapid trigger, you’ll capture some good action the second you see it. Make your next hunting adventure that much better by using this quality hunting capture to get a look at your game. This package also includes a 16 GB memory card from SanDisk. The memory card easily slides into your game camera and can be transferred to any SD compatible devices. For your peace of mind, it features a write-protect program that prevents accidental deletion of your media. This SD card holds up to 6,160 photos on a 10 MP camera or 240 minutes of video when recording at 9 mbps.



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