Whitelotous GSM 900/1800MHZ Fixed Wireless Terminal Alarm System Auto Dialer, Phone SIM 190(US plug)

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Functional description: Large screen Chinese LCD display. The mode of operation is the same as that of ordinary telephone. Fully automatic IP function (pre set by telephone). Features: 1. It has the functions of hands-free dialing function, re-dialing function, caller ID display function (can also see the incoming call number), incoming calls, Dialed calls, missed calls. 2. The rate can be set automatically by manual or factory. can research multiple groups of incoming call or dialed call time, records, call cost 3. Adopting 300W communication module, with the best signal, long-term working stability, clear sound, no noise, no dropping when calling, even in remote mountain areas, signal receiving is also very strong. 4. There are large LCD display in Chinese and English, display signal reception intensity, specific time, call records, call time, call cost. 5. With the real billing function, alarm function with multiple charging mode, can be used as a public telephone, completely eliminate billing, cost savings. 6. Support all SIM cards that ordinary mobile phones can use. 7. The 2 common telephone interfaces can simultaneously connect to 2 ordinary telephones, and the utility model is convenient for connecting two telephones. Main technical indexes: Operation mode: GSM 900MHz/1800MHz dual frequency Peak power:  2W Power consumption: static state ≤ 25 mA, launched ≤ 600 mA Sensitivity: -104 dB Internal voltage: DC 5V / 1A Environment temperature: 0 ℃~+40 ℃ Operating humidity: 45% to 90% (without dew) Atmospheric pressure: 86~106 Pka Environment noise:  <60 dB Antenna gain overflow: 3.5dB (omnidirectional), 12dB (fixed / optional) AC power supply: 90-2



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