Stealth Cam P12 6MP Scouting Game Trail Camera, 2 Pack + 8GB SD Card, 2 Pack

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Let these Stealth Cam P12 game cameras help you scout out the best place to setup shop for your next big hunt. Try out each of the quick set modes or create your own custom mode to ensure you capture the images you need. To set your custom mode select the megapixels, time out delay, and number of pictures taken at each triggering. These cameras can hold an SD card up to 32GB which stores up to 23,000 pictures when set at 6 megapixels. It can also shoot up to 15 seconds of video when it is set off. Your cameras also include these 8 GB Kingston SD memory cards so you’ll have even more storage space for photos and media. The memory cards easily slide into your game cameras and can be transferred to any SD compatible devices. For your peace of mind, they feature a write-protect program that prevents accidental deletion of your media.



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