PalmVID DVR PRO Computer Speakers Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR

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PalmVID brand DVR-PRO series hidden camera, spy camera, nannycam, surveillance camera disguised as a functional set of computer speakers with built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder).This type of hidden camera is commonly used to serve as a nanny camera or a spy camera.Its uses are virtually limitless.It looks just like a set of normal home or office computer speakers, making it almost invisible.We hide the built in motion camera and digital recorder so well, you can put this item in any room safely without the risk of being discovered.Recommended and popular for many reasons:The computer speakers DVR series hidden camera is great because computer speakers can be found almost anywhere!These speakers work! They can be plugged into any computer or MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet headphone jack to play music.Full-time A/C wall power for continuous operation. It doesn’t matter if the computer speakers is turned on or off, the camera and DVR recorder will be on whenever the main power cord is plugged into the wall.The built-in DVR records video to a Micro SD card (sold separately) up to 256GBCan be easily moved around from one room to another without arousing suspicion.This model is the DVR-PRO Series.There are 3 models available that are built using this same speakers. You may view and compare the other models on Amazon by searching for these Amazon ASIN numbers:PVCOMSPEAK-DVR: ASIN B0782RZP52PVCOMSPEAK-DVR-PRO (this model)PVCOMSPEAK-WiFi: ASIN B07836GF39 (live remote viewing)Get more information before buying! View Sample Videos and more complete information by visiting the main PalmVID website or call/email PalmVID for additional information.



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