LawMate PV-IP7W 1080p WiFi Covert Camera Phone Case iPhone 6 7 with 32GB Micro SD Card

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The LawMate iPhone 6 & 7 case is the perfect solution for undercover spy surveillance while on the go or at home. This DVR hidden camera with an extended battery is concealed inside a common, functional case for your iPhone 6 or 7. The extended battery life gives you up to 180 minutes of recorded footage on a micro SD card. Remotely record, control, view and download live video footage in multiple resolutions up to 720p from anywhere around the world using Wi-Fi and the free app for your smartphone or tablet. This LawMate iPhone 6/7 case hidden camera can be used for just about any covert surveillance situation you can think of, anywhere you need it because of its portability and size and common usage. Place it on a coffee table, retail counter, cubical, bedside table in a hotel room, restaurant, home or car. This spy camera will blend into any surrounding. Also, there are no beeps, lights or noises indicating recording. Completely covert! WiFi based iPhone 6/7 battery case design as astand-alone DVR Control the camera using the free App – PV Cam Viewer 3 resolution choices – 1080p / 720p / 480p @30fps Continuous / Motion Detection mode Motion detection notification always keeps you informed Battery powered for portable use or A/C powered for stationary use Includes: 32GB and Supports up to 32GB MicroSD card 120 minutes record time with overwrite function LED indicators can be turned off when you work undercover LawMate part number PV-IP7W



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