Intrasonic Technology IST I2000 Music & Intercom Master Station, Almond (I2000MA)

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As the main intercom station and distribution hub for the IST I2000 system, the IST I2000 Music and Intercom Master Station allows you to communicate with and play music through other Room/Patio/Door Stations (sold separately). How the System Works: Driven by this Master Station, the IST I2000 System can play up to three different audio sources at once. Need to talk to someone in another room? Pause your tunes and make an intercom call. This system even allows you to answer your door via intercom. Master Station: Supports any combination of 20 add-on units total, including Room, Patio, and Door Stations, as well as Volume Controls and Auxiliary Inputs. The master unit itself features a built-in AM/FM radio with 10 presets, a dock for MP3 players and other audio sources, USB and Firewire ports, and an optional door release feature. Room/Patio Stations (sold separately): Each indoor Room Station and outdoor Patio Station allows you to communicate with other stations in the system and play music distributed from the Master Station. When a call is initiated from any station, all stations will be paged for the call. When the call is answered, the conversation becomes private to the two stations involved, and the receiving station can talk hands-free. You can use any Room Station to listen in on other individual or multiple stations. Patio Stations do not have this feature to ensure privacy. Door Stations (sold separately): When a visitor presses the doorbell button on the Door Station, all the stations in your system will produce your selected doorbell chime. You can then answer the door from any station. You can create an entire whole-room audio system with any Master, Room, or Patio Station by optionally connecting speakers (sold separately) to the station. NOTE: Requires the IST Intercom Rough-In Kit (I2000H, sold separately) for installation. Requires add-on stations for intercom communication. COLOR: Almond.



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