Industrial Hot Line Auto Dialer Wall Telephone (No Dialpad) – RED by HQTelecom

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This is a commercial grade auto-dial wall phone. Auto-dial phones are ideal for banking institutions, in-store promotions, money transfer companies, courtesy phones, and more!. Dials a user pre-programmed number every time the phone handset is picked up. This phone has a ringer so it can also be used to receive / answer calls. Hotline Telephone Specifications: ▶ Auto dials any pre-programmed telephone number (up to 25 digits long) ▶ Works on any analog phone line (PSTN, VOIP) that is FSK or DTMF compatible ▶ Telephone line powered ▶ Retains programming even if disconnected from phoneline (EEPROM technology) ▶ Auto dialer can be program using any analog phone ▶ Weight: 1.9 lbs ▶ Easy to install and program (Comes with do-it-yourself programming instructions) ▶ Fully compatible with Viking Electronics VK analog series phones. Hotline Telephone Applications: ▶ Emergency phones ▶ Medical Alert phones ▶ Emergency elevators ▶ Courtesy phones in airports, airlines, schools, hotel lobbies, car rentals, etc. Programming available at no additional cost — Simply send us a message after completing your purchase to let us know the number you like programmed.



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