DefCon Security Products DD3150 Hidden Spy Camera Finder with Rf Detector

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DD3150 camera finder with RF detector-locate a camera lens from 3 inches- 30ft about: when you need to find a hidden camera this little detection device can find it two ways, 1- using the powerful set of Red LED’s and view finder to locate the lens of any camera 2- using RF detector to pick up transmission of radio Frequency. Specifications detection Frequency range: 1mhz-6.5GHz antenna length: 23mm collapsed, 90mm extended. Need to find a hidden Camera, this little spyfinder type device will do the job Detects RF signals up to 30ftLocate a camera lens from 3 inches- 30ftEasy to read backlit LCD display with battery, signal strength, and alert mode indicatorsFlashing LED lights and view finder for detecting a variety of camera lenses, both overt and covertDetection of hidden wireless systems, such as listening devices or camera systemsDetection frequency range of 1MHz-6.5GHzEasy alerts using Visual and Audible or Vibrating Wireless signal strength indicator and adjustable detection sensitivity for narrowing in on signal sourceRetractable telescoping antennaCompact and very convenient to transport, easily fits into pockets90 days Warranty



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