Channel Vision Telephone Entry Controller, 1-Door (P-0920)

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Connect your home phone(s) to the Channel Vision Telephone Entry Controller (1 Door) to enable telephone communication with your front door. Designed for use with a Channel Vision Door Speaker (sold separately), the controller allows you to answer the door from any fixed phone in your home. When a visitor presses the door speaker’s intercom button, all phones will ring with a distinctive pattern, letting you know someone has arrived. To answer, simply pick up a phone and say ‘hello’! With add-on accessories (sold separately), the Telephone Entry System can be expanded to provide enhanced access control solutions. The controller has a Door Strike Relay, allowing you to unlock a door or gate by pushing a button on your home phone (door strike required). You can also enable the Whole-House Audio Paging option by adding the Home Intercom Paging Module. You can even use connect this controller to a second controller to enable support for additional door speakers. FEATURES: Supports one Channel Vision Door Speaker. Works with or without an active landline. Sends a distinctive ring to phones. Choose from two different ring patterns. Initiates a call waiting tone when line is busy. Integrated door chime contacts for triggering a traditional doorbell. Programmable auxiliary dry contact closure. Page output for whole-house paging system. Only one pair of wires required. Existing doorbell wire can be used. DSL compatible. LED status indicators. RJ-45 connections for input and output. NOTE: Requires a Channel Vision IU or DP Series Door Speaker.



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