Camscura Tilt 720P HD Hidden Camera by Brickhouse Security, 160-Degree Adjustable Pivoting Wide Angle Lens (with 32gb SD Card)

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Size:With 32gb SD Card A Black Box with Many Points of View The Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera is a new take on the classic black box cam. The Tilt gets its name from its adjustable pivoting lens. Change your shooting angle any time you like and place this powerful mini cam almost anywhere. Get the full scope of a room to keep an eye on a nanny, caregiver, employee or potential burglar. The Tilt also features a 90-day extended standby battery and customizable recording settings based on vibration, motion or voice. You can schedule specific recording intervals, or choose continuous recording to keep rolling no matter what. Adjustable recording resolutions let you choose from standard resolution or high definition 1280 x 720 video, all recorded to an SD card for easy transfer to any PC. Camscura: The Black Box That Built BrickHouse The Camscura family of black box hidden cameras represents a revolution in covert recording technology. Protect your property or loved ones from theft or abuse with these easy-to-use surveillance tools. Black box devices are also perfect for making your own hidden camera; simply slide a Camscura into a tissue box, stuffed animal, or one of our custom housings for completely covert high definition recording. Specifications – Video recording resolution HD 720p (1280×720) or 360p (640×360) – Sensor sensitivity 1 lux – Sensor viewing angle 160 degrees – Battery 1200mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery – Recording time Max 10 hours (with fully charged battery) – Standby time max 90 days (in vibration triggering power saving mode with fully charged battery) – Microphone Trigger – Speech Grade – Memory usage: 15 minute/GB (high frame rate) / 1 hour/GB (low frame rate) – Memory card supported max 64GB Micro SD card For any additional help setting up the camera please use the help site



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