ATS FD1 Fall Detector Medical Alert

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Fall Detection – Fall Alert – Man Down Alert Medical Alert System – Emergency Alert System You No Longer Have To Press A Button To Get Help – NO MONTHLY FEES -Automatic Help -No Need To Press The Button For HELP. If you Fall Down It Automatically Calls for You. -Manual Help- Manually Press the Big Red Button if you are able to and the system will call for Help. -2-Way Voice Communication right through the panic button. If you can’t speak, the system will speak for you with an outgoing message to emergency contacts. -Great if you are unconscious, black out, or can’t speak. Waterproof (wear in shower or tub) and Pacemaker Safe. -No Landline – No Problem – Cellular Blue Tooth Compatible(optional purchase) -Never pay a monitoring fee! No Monthly Fees! How Does Automatic Fall Detection Work? – When the system detects a fall, it starts beeping. This lets the user know it has detected a fall. – If there is no movement within 10 seconds, the system will start calling for Help. If the system detects movement or if the user has pressed the Red button to cancel within 10 seconds, the system will cancel the alert. Emergency, non-Fall Detection Operation. Anytime the user needs Help, he or she simply needs to press the Red button and the system will start calling the emergency numbers for Help.



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