8-Channel Picture-in-Picture CCTV Camera BNC Video Split Screen Processor

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8-Channel Picture-In-Picture Video Processor With Audio Support This advanced picture-in-picture processor provides a cost-effective solution of combining all or selected video inputs together into different style of split-screen views for one screen display. Audio Support This quad PIP video processor supports audio inputs and output. There are total of 4 audio inputs in 3.5mm headphone style so each video input has its audio input channel to be associated with. Real-Time 18 Split Screen Modes Each split screen mode is easily activated through using the front push buttons or IR remote. All the multi-channel screens displayed in cycling sequence until the desired one selected for 8-channel, quad screen, 3-channel PIP, 2-channel PIP, single channel full screen display. Automatic Sequence Switching Support Sequence switching to cycle through all video inputs from various cameras or video devices can be done manually or by programming sequential dwell times of 1 to 99 seconds for each camera. Easy On-Screen Configuration This unit can be controlled through the push buttons on the front panel or the supplied remote controller. Time/Date Stamp Support The date/time stamp on the screen can be used for display and video recording. Users can choose to show information of date, current time, channel description/title on video channels for display purpose and recording/capturing sessions. Advanced Motion Detection Motion detection function is available for all 4 channels simultaneously with adjustable 7-level sensitivity setup and can be set up easily from the on-screen system menu. Alarm Support This unit supports two type of audible alarm events for video loss and motion alert. And the alarm buzzer can be manually turned on or off upon discretion.



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