(4) CUDDEBACK Game Trail Hunting Camera C & E Series Battery Power Booster Packs

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**Package Includes:** (4) Cuddeback Camera Battery Booster Packs ———- **Please Notes:** This sale is for the Battery Booster Pack only. No cameras or batteries are included with this purchase. With the **Cuddeback Battery Booster** you can extend the battery life and performance of your Cuddeback C & E model Game Cameras. Simply slide your camera onto the CuddePower for convenient and easy deployment. Included is the CuddePower battery housing, a Genius metal lock mount, and 3′ power cord. The **Cuddeback Battery Booster** channels the power of 6 D batteries through the camera, providing 4 times the power capacity of the 8 AA batteries used in the camera. The camera will draw power from the D batteries first, saving the 8 AA for backup when the D batteries fail (no batteries included). For many users, this device will allow a camera to operate for over 12 months, even through extreme freezing temperatures and conditions. Not only that, but the extra power also helps the camera provide high quality night images, sending more power to the flash’s LEDs for increased illumination. **We are an Authorized Cuddeback Dealer!**



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