3G AC/DC Power Monitoring SMS Alarm Panel Power Lose/Failure Alarm temperature humidity Monitor RTU5023

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The SMS Environment Alarm is special for remotely monitoring onsite temperature, humidity, power status through wireless 3G Network. When the temperature, humidity, power voltage exceed high threshold or low threshold value, will send SMS alert to upto 10 preset mobile phone immediately. Just dial from Authorized User number, the Environment Alarm will reject at the first “Ring”, no communication cost, and then return the current temperature, humidity, power status or voltage. Moreover, it can report onsite environment interval or daily. It can be used for solar power monitoring,Class Room, Public Room, Waiting Room, Hospital, Stations, Fresh Food Warehouse, Office, Meeting Room, Laboratory, Library and anywhere that need monitoring temperature or control temperature in expected range. Features 1. Up to 10 authorized phone numbers, 5 can be used to receive call or SMS,and 5 can be used to call and SMS while alarm occurrence; 2. One Temperature & Humidity sensor input, measures temperatures from -40-80°C,0.5°C accuracy, Relative Humidity from 0-99RH%, accuracy is 3%; 3.External AC Power status monitoring, AC On/OFF will send SMS to authorized phone numbers; 4.Inbuilt MCU monitoring the DC input Voltage value, measure range is 9-24VDC, no need additional sensor to save cost; 5.Timer Report—Can setup every x hours automatically send its status/Value to the authorized numbers; 6.Support remotely read historic data via SMS; 7.Rechargeable Backup Battery inside can last 8hours; 8.Secure – Using caller ID and password for identification, unknown callers are ignored; 9.Programmable by SMS Commands or APPs with password protection; 10. Based on GSM Network, applied to many applications. 11.Remote Reset via SMS, Remote Reboot via SMS, Automatic Reboot Periodicity.



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