3 mil 38 x 250 Low Melt Matte Laminating Film 3 Core 176° – 210° F

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NOTE: This listing is for one roll, yet most 2 side roll laminators require 2 rolls for encapsulation. Please keep this in mind when ordering. NOTE: Polyester (PET) matte does have nearly 25% of the sheen of gloss. It is not extremely dull unless a scratch coating is applied. Scratch coated polyester matte films are available primarily on 3-inch core rolls. Enhance your graphics with our durable, high quality thermal polyester (PET) laminating films. Polyester is the most common thermal laminating roll film chosen for 2-side laminating applications when encapsulating is desired. Encapsulating encloses your print and leaves a small clear sealed border around all 4 sides of the print. Even though low melt adhesives activate at temperatures a little lower than conventional copolymer adhesives, the real advantage is this adhesive melts faster than standard adhesive. This means potential faster laminating speeds. Combine extra speed with better clarity and you know why low melt laminating films are the choice in commercial and trade laminating shops. TIP: The actual temperature required for ANY laminating film varies by laminator type (heated roller vs heat shoe), laminating speed, ambient temperature, type of paper and even the color(s) of the print being laminated. Low melt lamination films are also a viable alternative on laminators with fixed speed settings that have difficulty adhering to prints. This is a common issue with school laminators, where low melt film may be the solution. Low Melt adhesive does not adhere as well on digital prints as SuperStick adhesive; however, is much better than standard adhesives. Digital printer output typically requires slower laminating speed and lower temperature. Low melt adhesive does well on inkjet output and very well on offset print. Common Uses Menus Posters Advertising Promotions Tab Sheets Signs & Notices



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