2-Pack Lorex LEV4712BW 4MP BNC Dome Cameras

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Add this two-pack of 2K dome security cameras to your MPX home or business security camera system. They are capable of recording double the resolution of 1080p (2K), are fully weatherproof (rated IP67), and come with 150ft night vision. They also have heavy-duty metal exteriors for extra protection against vandalism and the elements. 2K resolution will leave nothing to the imagination. Compared to 1080p HD, which records at a 1920 × 1080 pixel ratio, your security cameras will record a pixel ratio of 2592 × 1520 – that’s almost double the number of pixels of 1080p. The advantage of this heightened resolution, besides adding extra clarity and sharpness to the video, is that it will allow for greater digital zooms while reviewing video. This means that details deep in the distance of the video won’t blur together as quickly as a digital zoom is applied simply because there are more pixels available. These cameras also come with wide 85° angle lenses that are perfect for large areas or doorways.



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